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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Favorite Blogs

I was tagged today by Sheri which was a surprise and quite exciting! Made my day! I don't know exactly how to reciprocate, though. Instead of 'tagging' them, I'm going to just mention some of my favorite blogs and then let them know that I did:

Sheri's blog is
I love seeing the gorgeous picture of Sheri in purple, I think taken by her sister, that greets me whenever I log onto her blog. She has so many interviews with fascinating people (authors are always fascinating to me, and especially Christian authors). I visit her blog to find out how Sheri is doing, and what she is doing, and it awes me all she accomplishes even without factoring in the lyme impediment. The farm pictures are my favorites and I never tire of looking at them! There is something very soothing about seeing animals on pasture. Those who haven't had that experience, need to. I love seeing animals living their lives naturally. And Sheri's blog has a wealth of current links to so many matters that matter to me! If you go visit her blog for the first time, be sure you check out the farm section!

Amy's blog is
She doesn't post often, but her wallpaper and photos of herself, her son and her wonderful husband cheer me immeasurably. I could look at them all day! Amy is gifted with a camera and when she does post, I am always thrilled by the images she chooses to use for illustrating her text. Her perspective on things is unique and compelling. I am glad she has a blog and I don't tire of visiting it, even if I'm seeing the same post for quite a while. If you go to her blog, note the at their level angle she gets on things!

I began following the Pioneer Woman a couple of years ago. I think anyone who has been to her blog knows why. There is something for everyone there. I like the posts of the animals and her children best. Her photos, too, inspire me.

Because of the bloggie awards I found
I like her photos of her animals and the stories she tells about them. I've learned a great deal about small farming from her posts and the comments her followers make when she is trying to figure out how to deal with the daily challenges of milking goats and/or cows, raising chickens, housing them...etc. She writes well, too. Her stories are skillfully crafted, short and always amusing. I benefit from studying her brevity. If you check out her blog, find the video at the bottom of the page, titled A Sheep's best friend. (Really funny bouncing lamb playing with dog).
Oh, and my favorite story was It was hysterically funny to me and also thought-provoking. And the photos are just amazing (consider how one gets such photos when you look at them). Do look at it!

A co-worker recommended to me a blog by a friend of hers.
She's working from home and therefore gets to devote much time to the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. She's attempting more than I'd likely try, but someday, I'd like to do some of the things she's mastering. Her blog gives accounts of her learning curve. Very detailed ones. I like her writing style and her pictures, too.

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