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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Horse Quiz # 2

HORSE QUIZ # 2 (Light harness)

1. Some breeds of horses are considered best for harness work/driving? Which of the following are well-known for their driving abilities?
a) Haflinger b)Morgan c) Standardbred d) Fresian e) Hackney f) all of these
2. Why does the driver carry a whip? a) to chase away dogs that follow the carriage b) to flick flies that alight on the horse c) to cue the horse d) to punish the horse for misbehavior

3. Driving horses primarily pull at the trot. They should be able to trot at different speeds. What speed trot is the horse doing in the picture above? a) jog b) road trot/working trot c) extended
4. When harnessing the horse, you should always be sure that the ____________ is on before hitching the carriage to the horse? a) overgirth b) bridle c) brake
5. To get a driving horse to stop, what word do you use? a) whoa b) stop c) easy
6. To slow the horse down when he is in motion, what word do you use? a) whoa b)stop c) easy
7. What speed trot is the horse doing in the photo above? a) jog b) road/working c) extended
8. When you stop the horse while driving, how long should he stand still before moving?
a) to the count of ten b)until a header comes to hold him c) until you tell him to move
9. How many parts of the harness in the picture above can you identify? List them:

10. The part of the harness that goes over the horses haunches and has a strap under the tail is:
a) backband b) breeching c) tailset
11. When steering, the driver's hands do not need to be spread widely apart because? The answer is in the photo above:

12. The pieces of leather that go from the bit to the driver's hands are called a) reins b) lines c) holdbacks

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