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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And these

March 30th up close

Now that you have a sample (in the previous post) of the pictures by the two lenses, see if you can tell which one took these!

March 30th

This is Emma. Kevin decided we'd name our calves alphabetically so we can remember which year they were born. Last year were the Ds (Dixie, Dorrie and Dillon, in that order). This year we're starting with Emma. She is about 9 hours old in these pics. They were taken when Kevin and I went over to feed the cows close to sunset. Some were taken with our "good lens" by Kevin and some were taken with our newest lens by me. Doubt anyone can tell which is which but us. We know but won't tell. It was sort of a competition between us. Both lenses have an aperture of 2.8. Emma is Blessing's 2009 calf. All of Blessings calves thus far have been heifers. They all look a lot like her.
Actually, perhaps you can tell which ones were taken by each of us?

End of March

Every spring the coming of the calves is a special time for us. We always get pics of them when they are still wobbly. At the tender age of 30 minutes old we got some wonderful images of Dillon last year. Stunning white against the green. He was born on May 1st. He's a hard act to follow. I'm posting this for those that didn't get to see him. The other pic of him was taken yesterday. He's 11 months old now. Not quite as white! We don't do power washing.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rain, rain, come and play!

Due to the drought, we spend inordinate amounts of time watching radar and listening to weather predictions. This week there was a serious storm system which marched through central Texas and areas (not ours) got 2-3 inch hail! Lots of damage. We were mercifully spared that. We received a trace of rain and then yesterday another two tenths of an inch. Today, we've been watching the radar feeds from our desks in Austin and it looks like we got some more rain at home. Makes me eager to get home to see! People who live in the country and have critters know how essential rain is. People in town have some clue but they say things like, "I just hope it won't rain during our ballgame, picnic, reunion, BBQ..." We all want things to be convenient, conducive, optimum, for what we're doing. We fed in high winds in the 'dark of the moon' a few nights ago. It was strenuous and frustrating, but, I was glad we had hay to dispense and cows to chase after it! Spring is always a lively season in this clime: hail, tornadoes, flooding, wind damage...but once the storms have passed through; all of nature rejoices!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Car Inspection

Well, we reached the final day of the 10 day grace period for getting our car inspected. We really weren't sure if it would pass because when we were in Ohio, on icy roads, we bumped into a truck that pulled out in front of us and it cracked our bumper and knocked loose the headlight assembly. Kevin finally, after speaking to several experts, used duct tape to secure the bumper. And glue on the light assembly. We took the car where we always do and we had planned to just leave it there and pray it would pass. We didn't really want to be around to answer questions. But, as it turned out they weren't terribly busy and they said they'd get to it soon if we'd wait. Normally, waiting at an auto repair shop is interesting: they usually have car magazines, mounted trophy deer, daytime TV, a water fountain, and a vending machine. I am entertained at these places and don't mind waiting. But, many times the smell of tire rubber gives me a headache; I do dread that. In this instance, there was no smell of tire rubber. The seats weren't greasy. There was a funny sign on the wall. But, what they had installed since our last visit was a 250 gallon salt water aquarium. And they had more in it than any tank I've seen in a waiting area. It was beyond fascinating! And I just happened to have our best lens with me. So, see what you think! I mean, I'd pay to see a tank like this! Guess we did, right? Sort of? By the way, the car passed! Allelujah!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Veteran's hall

The time changes this weekend. Sometime soon we'll be getting places while it is still daylight! Last night we arrived at the Veteran's Hall in Thorndale for our weekly square-dance lesson and I was intrigued by the flags flapping in the dim light of a three quarter moon. I didn't get any pictures of us dancing (that would be a feat). We have learned about half of the movements we've been shown. My favorites are doesy doe and weave (because there is no hand contact!) Many things have surprised me about square dancing: the laughter is contagious; the exercise is extreme; mentally it is almost more than I can manage; and nobody seems overly concerned about germs! I would estimate that we handle hundreds of sweaty palms per session! Or, the same fourteen or so multiple times.