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Friday, March 27, 2009

Rain, rain, come and play!

Due to the drought, we spend inordinate amounts of time watching radar and listening to weather predictions. This week there was a serious storm system which marched through central Texas and areas (not ours) got 2-3 inch hail! Lots of damage. We were mercifully spared that. We received a trace of rain and then yesterday another two tenths of an inch. Today, we've been watching the radar feeds from our desks in Austin and it looks like we got some more rain at home. Makes me eager to get home to see! People who live in the country and have critters know how essential rain is. People in town have some clue but they say things like, "I just hope it won't rain during our ballgame, picnic, reunion, BBQ..." We all want things to be convenient, conducive, optimum, for what we're doing. We fed in high winds in the 'dark of the moon' a few nights ago. It was strenuous and frustrating, but, I was glad we had hay to dispense and cows to chase after it! Spring is always a lively season in this clime: hail, tornadoes, flooding, wind damage...but once the storms have passed through; all of nature rejoices!

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