Be Free

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have three siblings. One of them is in the image above. The other two faces alongside her are her children. Of my three siblings, two are very much like me: emotionally, physically, mentally. We are always easily recognized as related. We have obvious characteristics from both parents. Double chin from my Dad; tree stump legs from him; sturdy bones and teeth from our Mom and a clear complexion from her side of the family; addictive tendencies from him, persuasive language skills from both...

But my other sibling is rather an enigma. I think she harks back to the Irish line. She's a totally different build. No taller, but lighter framed. She's has sharper features and complicated skin. She moves gracefully, but with an awareness of gravity. She can sit or stand in a variety of positions which testifies to her flexibility. She speaks with the strongest accent; she speaks forcefully when she believes in something; she refrains with a sour frown when she cannot expound. She is frugal but proper, much like her paternal grandmother. She is organized and appreciates what she has to work with.

However she is domestic like my Mom and my other sister. Likewise, she does enjoy hostessing. She likes to decorate. She revels in being cozy. She cherishes and cosets her children. She is attentive to her husband. She is greatly involved in her church community. Now that I write this, I see that she is much more like us than not.

So, this post is rather like one of David's Psalms; starting from one premise and ending on another. I could just dump it and begin over, but this sibling needs to be mentioned now and again. This is again. She was mentioned back in January, but since then have come cows, calves, horses, goats, ...(I don't think I've done a post on the dogs or cats, yet) Kevin's kids, grand-kids, ...And just now she's going through some tough stuff: her family needs prayer!

If you want specifics, I'll let her speak to those; she's better at articulating! She's the one that ought to have a blog!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Social skills

Well, Fuddruckers may not seem the best place to begin teaching a not-yet 2 year old social skills, but, everybody's gotta start somewhere!
Men and gadgets. Learn from your elders; they know all the shortcuts.
Look in the mirror (that's Biblical). Practice expressions.
Be content with what is already in reach.
Let loved ones back you up.
Don't keep score.
There are many expressions which can be interpreted more than one way. Practice those. If you get down a half dozen of them; they'll serve in all kinds of circumstances.
Appreciate Who has you in their arms.
Study humor.