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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 30th

This is Emma. Kevin decided we'd name our calves alphabetically so we can remember which year they were born. Last year were the Ds (Dixie, Dorrie and Dillon, in that order). This year we're starting with Emma. She is about 9 hours old in these pics. They were taken when Kevin and I went over to feed the cows close to sunset. Some were taken with our "good lens" by Kevin and some were taken with our newest lens by me. Doubt anyone can tell which is which but us. We know but won't tell. It was sort of a competition between us. Both lenses have an aperture of 2.8. Emma is Blessing's 2009 calf. All of Blessings calves thus far have been heifers. They all look a lot like her.
Actually, perhaps you can tell which ones were taken by each of us?

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