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Monday, June 6, 2011

Horse Quiz #1

We have gone over all of the questions on this test.
The questions are UNDER each picture. Do not answer on this page. Instead, either print out the test or make your own answer sheet. Do not seek help. Answer from memory.

Q.1a What is this man doing? a) driving b)vaulting c) longing
Q.1b Why is he doing this? ________________________

Q.2 What are the spots on this horse called? ___________

Q.3a What gait is this horse doing?______ How can you tell?

Q.4a What is the long hair on this horse's neck called? __________
Q.4b What gait is this horse doing? ______________ How can you tell?

Q.5a What is this horse doing with her head? _________ Q.5b Why? _______

Q.6a What are Buck's ears saying?_____________________________
Q.6b What are Ellie's ears saying? _____________________________

Q.7a What kind of bit is this? ________________Q.7b How does it work?
Q.8a What gait is this horse doing? _____________
Q.8b This gait is called a _____________ when riding western,
Q.8c and a _______________when riding English.

Q.9 Is this rider riding a)hunt seat b)dressage c) flat seat
Q.10What is this horse doing? ___________________
Q.11 What is the part of the horse called between the ears?
a) poll b)withers c) forelock
Q.12 What colors are the horses above?
a) palomino, buckskin and chestnut
b) palomino, red roan, bay
c) palomino, red roan, chestnut
Q.13a Are this mare and foal the same horse color? ____
Q.13b What color is the mare? __________________
Q.13c What color is her foal?___________________
Q.14 What is this horse doing? ____________________

Q.15a Is this horse afraid of the bear?_______ How can you tell?

Q.16a What do you call a person who does this to horses? ____________
Q.16b What is he doing? __________________________________

Q. 17 What gait is Buck doing? _______________________

Q. 18 What is this horse doing? _____________________

Q. 19 What gait is Buck doing? _____________________

Q. 20a What kind of bit is in this bridle? _______________
Q. 20b What is missing on this bridle? ________________

Q. 21 This horse is standing a)straight b)square c)parked out

I keep hoping that things I'm teaching are being retained by riders as well as the horses. Alas, horses have far greater retention.

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