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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spared an Ordeal

SPARED AN ORDEAL. We ought to realize that God spares us OFTEN from worse troubles than we need endure. Scripture says we should let the day’s trouble be sufficient for the day. Some days are more troublesome than others. But, even the hardest are tempered by Him so that we can bear up through them. Sometimes we are called to go through things that seem pointless. Frequently. Because He does keep me from such troubles at times, I know that when He doesn’t take me around them, but has me go through them, that trail is by His leading and His purpose. Thus assured He is determining what I should suffer and what I need not, I rejoice when I realize He has spared me from something unnecessary. Sometimes such reprieves are from perilous tumbles; other times it is from sheer tedium or frustration. An example of the latter follows.

Last week I went into our tackroom to get alfalfa pellets to take to the cows who were in our ‘big field’ (I hoped). I knew they might not actually BE in that field because they had found a low enough place in the end fence (pushed down by our resident does) to get over into the ‘bottom’. So, I expected they were somewhere in that 15 acres (10 of which is not visible) and I planned to just stand at the top of the big field and call them. It was of course, extremely hot and I was hoping they would come quickly when I called. But, when I came out of the tackroom with the bucket in my hand, up walked the cows! I was stunned by the exact timing. If I had come out 10 seconds sooner and gone over to the field (which is across our deep, brambly, poison-ivy infested, wooded arroyo), the cows would have been back at the house; (they had gone through the fence and come up the backside of our property). I would have been searching through 15 acres, with no view through trees, behind the pond berm in the heat. I’d have hunted and hollered, and when I didn’t find them and I would have feared they had gotten over into the neighbors’ fields or gone out on the highway. It would have been a time consuming, steamy, worrisome trip and at the end of it, I’d have found the cows right where I’d begun. Then, I would still have had to get them back where they belonged. Whew! . I doubt this little entry conveys my relief and gratitude, but the LORD spared me much hassle by timing ’when the cows came home’. The cows, because of His ‘steering’ were led to safe pasture instead of wandering into danger. While I was saved from working my way into heat-stroke. Countless times I’ve seen how He smooths our path even though it leads us through treacherous terrain ; this was just the most recent. (Lynn Margason, June 2011)


  1. God does work in mysterious ways. :o) And He has a great sense of humor! :o)

  2. Wow. So often I have come to this conclusion. He has helped me turn lemons into lemonade, countless times, open doors after windows are slammed shut and spared me from the worse case scenario and opened my eyes to opportunity I would have otherwise had missed.