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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Combined Driving

Twice a year we volunteer for CDE (Combined Driving Event) duty at Plum Creek (aka Agarita). Kevin and I don't get the same assignment which means we come back with photos from at least two different marathon obstacles. This time Kevin was at the water hazard and I was at the bridge. Here are a few of our pics (we manage to snap some while we are working). There are more on our website in the CDE gallery. It takes a village to put on a CDE. Lots of coordination is involved!

Spiritually, there are some thought-provoking analogies in these:
When the road is clear before us, smooth and broad, we get complacent.

When we are paired together; we learn quicker to pull our weight; to help, not hinder. As a pair we discover combined courage is generated by functioning as a team. We have more strength than alone. We have companionship when the going gets rough. We have observed that pairing a young, inexperienced horse with a veteran works wonders. The youngster learns far faster that way. When they come to a hazard (like the water crossing for example) and the rookie balks, the experienced horse just drags him right in and across.

We must trust our Driver who gives us direction. Even when the footing is obscured by murky waters, if He tells us our path goes that way, we must believe Him and have faith that He will not tell us to tread out of our depth.

We should not allow ourselves to be driven by those who do not know the course.

Two, pulling as one, is a sight beautiful to behold! Our LORD is with us as we go into the mire and as we come out the other side.

Although the pace is often faster than we would like; He knows the timing of the obstacles up ahead. He knows when we should encounter them; how we should navigate them; how to preserve our energy for them; and that the easy going is beyond.

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