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Friday, April 24, 2009

New camera

I carry my camera everywhere; I drop it and bump it and expose it to the elements. It has been faithful and by having it with me like an appendage, I've learned to use it in adverse conditions. I've also begun to wear it out. Because we have two big events coming up, we purchased a new camera. Our previous lenses fit it. The picture of the moon was taken with the new camera and our old lens. We've taken moonshots before and this one is far superior. Although it looks like I took it at night, it was actually taken before dark. Then the background was darkened and the dog was added. I wanted it to look like she was howling, but she doesn't howl. Ever. She was just grinning. We have much to learn about the new camera soon! But, this picture encouraged us to practice!

On our way home Saturday from a horse show, we saw that many of our neighbors were burning their brush piles! We found out that we'd gotten almost 7 inches of rain! Enough to fill the main pond to overflowing (and it was down to half full) and fill the lower swampy pond completely (it had been dry as a bone; the cows were down there grazing last week!)

Due to the rain, and grass growth, we've been letting the cows in the pasture now during the day. God is good! Even the bovines have some clue about His mercy. They certainly know we open the gate for them! Here they are galloping to come through! Another analogy for you to chew!

By the way, (click to see the picture larger) that's Rosa in the lead, April four lengths behind, then Lucy, and Dillon bringing up the rear. Where's Blessing? Don't know, but she did come in.

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