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Thursday, April 16, 2009

What we do AFTER work!

After we get home from a full work day in Austin, and our hour commute, we have a few chores to do. Yesterday, I went down to open the gap so the cows could come home. They were eager to come in. Some folks have a herd of cows; we have a cluster. Once they had paraded up the pasture lane to their bedground, they competed for the cubes we put out. If you look close at the picture of Dorrie, you'll see Kevin toiling up the hill with the buckets of cubes while I was leisurely taking pictures! Actually, we needed the pictures for a Craig's list ad I posted today to sell the yearlings. Rosa, the red cow, is our working cow. Some people have herding dogs, some have cowhorses, we have Rosa. She can gallop with the best of them and she changes leads effortlessly. She also trusts us enough to cross where electric wire was just moments before. The others hang back to see how she fares. Rosa is a keeper. We plan to keep Lucy, too, (the black one), but I noticed last night, that of our seven cows, the two that dislike each other are Rosa and Lucy. Figures. Still, once everybody else is gone, they should appreciate each other.

After we'd tended the cows and I'd fed the horses, Kevin spent a while adjusting the disk on the tractor. He wants to disk up the area in our hayfield where we fed the cows during the winter. He wants to get that done before it rains. Rain is predicted for this evening and tomorrow! We are praying the LORD will send it! The strange pictures were taken by the light of Kevin's headlamp only. No flash. Sort of interesting! Needless to say, by the time we got inside it was like 9:30.

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