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Monday, May 18, 2009

Impromptu Shoot

We took Mom to dinner after church at the Downtown Cafe in Thorndale. Next door is an antique shop (Country Roads) we frequent because it is owned by dear friends of ours. The guys were admiring some old muskets (I think that's what they are; they have bayonets on the ends?) And I suggested they go outside so I could shoot them shooting! They got into it, didn't they!? The text on the last pic (if you zoom in,) says, First Shiloh Militia, Circa Post 1850. The object on the ground which gave them a target was a "marker" left by a neigborhood dog.

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  1. what great shots and what a wonderful blog! Thanks for your comment over in my prairie corner, the fire was a beautiful experience for us. It came literally to the edge of our quarter but didn't cross over. It has been a very dry and cold spring, it was only last years wheat stubble that burned, seeding has just started up here in the past few days. It did feel amazingly like there was an invisible wall at the edge of our property.

    I love your bog handle, the thought behind it and the picture. I always pray for eyes to see =)