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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yesterday, hurrying home, we were thwarted for a few minutes by a train across the road. I asked Kevin if we could detour briefly to take pictures of some new kids nearby. He stayed in the car while I traipsed along the fence to get as close as I could. It may not be apparent in the pictures, but the nanny had her hackles up. I think she was not sure what the zoom lens aimed at her and her kids meant. I don't blame her a bit for being suspicious.

I was impressed how they watched their mom for cues. These were baby mini goats; they would be only a few bites for a dog or a coyote. But they were in a chain link fenced field and there were larger animals in with them.

If you've watched kids or lambs, they are so full of energy. It would take video to show their antics, but I like the pictures I was able to capture (thanks to a train on the tracks). These pics aren't the liveliest, but they do show the relationship between nanny and kids.

I like detours. When I'm driving I take a lot of them.

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