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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Launching Rely

Last spring, with the wedding pending, I offered to sell Rely to the folks who seemed most likely to make the best use of him. At that time they were strapped financially and couldn't manage the purchase. So, I took that as the LORD's permission to keep him, at least for a while. My motivation had been financial and the LORD had provided another way (by selling off most of our cows). Then, last fall, because I'd already begun to think of not having him, and I'd partially processed the possibility, I posted an ad for him online. I made it as clear as I could that my motive for offering him was to allow him to realize his potential. I got four responses. Three were not reading closely what I'd said. I quickly dispensed with those. But, the fourth sounded more like what I'd envisioned. I sent a lengthy response to that inquiry; honestly describing his every shortcoming as well as his strengths and never got an answer. So, again, I took that as confirmation I could keep him. Other things began to seem right for him staying with us. The ad expired. I went on with plans to at least keep the dust off him. Then last week, the first folks I mentioned, came back and asked if I still wanted to sell him. I wanted to say, not really. But, decided that I needed to revisit the idea. I did that, and prayed for direction. So, Sunday afternoon we took him to their place to give them a few weeks to see if he'll fit their plans. And I'm glad I was able to tell them everything negative I could think of to try to dissuade them. He likes them and he likes it there so it isn't hard for me to let them have him for the trial period. The harder thing will be if they decide they do want him. For good. Rely has been like a son to me. I told Kevin that I can't think of selling him; rather, I'm trying to think of allowing him to go forth into the world to make his mark. To fulfill his destiny. I do think he has far too much ability and potential to be standing around our place switching flies and watching horse trailers going to and fro to someplace. This is probably as close to watching your child graduate and move out as I'm going to get !

So go ahead, Rely! Strut your stuff! Show your suspension. Prove your impulsion!

You know, gelding him didn't take anything at all away from his movement! Often I wonder what all we might have done with him if we'd gelded him sooner. But, because we didn't, unlike most people who sell their best horse, we still have a good part of him left with us. In his daughter: On Grace Rely!

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