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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January for sure!

It's January 2010! Are there others who find that hard to believe!? We're into another decade. We just had a record-breaking freeze hereabouts. It is more than I can do to process it all, so, I'm mostly letting some images speak. I've been blogging here a year now. I've gotten the hang of posting images with captions finally!

Now this first pic could be about a variety of things. Sheep Blues! What I set it up to express is my dilemma as "step-grandma" as the flock keeps growing! We've got two new ones due this year!

Here's something strange. Kevin found many of these down by the pond. We both studied the pictures and still aren't sure what caused them, but they are frozen spirals of ice at the base of some weeds. The ice is so white! Not clear.
We had some pipes break in the barn. After fixing them, Kevin built a fire in the woodstove and it actually heated the barn for almost 24 hours! We both visited it on and off as we went about our chores. We miss having the woodstove in our living space. Someday Kevin hopes to enclose our front porch and put in a woodstove. For now, we have to go "next door" to enjoy it.

Our old shower curtain and two bales of hay were commissioned to help protect the pipes. The penguins seemed so appropriate! I remind myself of March of the Penguins whenever I think I'm chilly; it provides instant perspective on reality.
The horses were grateful to have some choice as to whether to weather the chill under shelter or by soaking up what sun broke through.

Because water lines to the cows broke, Kevin had to haul them water.
Although we had no snow to show how cold it was, you can get a clue from Kevin's garb and posture.
Others around us tried various ways to keep their pipes from bursting. This was very pretty but the footing was treacherous.
Here's our Rosa grateful to get some relatively warm water (50 degrees instead of 33).
It took about an hour to dribble out by gravity. Kevin didn't want to use a hose (those were all frozen.)
The dogs curled up in the sun.
The horses napped.

Our lower pond had a thin layer of ice almost totally across it.
Ducks from the day before.
The trough under the North side spigot. Not sure why the ice was wavy? The thicker side was next to the barn.
We didn't stay out with this little firepit long. Did give it a try.
Lucy was a bit distressed by the cold drink.
She watched Dillon and saw that it was at least possible.
Icy dew.
Grace with sunshine on her shoulders.

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