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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 2010

UT tower with snowfall: February 23, 2010. The time is forever recorded here!
Folks were searching high and low for subjects to photograph.
I had an umbrella shielding my camera lens.
It did start to stick on things that were cold enough.
There are four trees (one in each corner) of the courtyard at Battle Hall.
These trees I've been told are called Orchid trees. Whatever they are, they are gorgeous!
Folks were taking photos with all manner of digital assistance. Even cell phones.

Have been waiting for something blog worthy for this month. February always seems drab and raw round these parts. Our worst weather is usually in February. This year, we've actually had some unseasonably warm weather. But, yesterday we had a wee bit of snow! It is ironic that everyone in Kevin's family has been dealing with record snows and here we are excited about a little dusting! Can't help it; it is such a rare thing and we just had to make the most of it! These pictures were taken on UT campus yesterday. By the time we got home there wasn't much to photograph, but our new neighbor said that there had been a coating of snow earlier and she has pics to prove it! At least we got to see some where we were.

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