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Monday, February 16, 2009

My Hub

On Valentine's Day, while I was off at Beth Moore's Bible Study, what was my hub up to? It was wonderful to come home to discover what he accomplished in those few hours! He pounded in t posts and strung wire so that the cows can be shifted off the hayfield (now that we have grass coming up we need to give it a chance!) The cows will be in the "front" for a month. That's a shaded, hilly "sacrifice" area where we put them when the pasture needs a break. The word 'sacrifice' is Scottish, I think. They mean an area that you let the animals eat down, trample, and basically ruin so that other areas can grow. In our case, it is a pretty place when they are shifted out of it because the tough native grasses do come back when they are off it. They have done away with most of the dewberry vines in there. Which is OK if you've ever tried to walk through those! He also installed a switch on the ceiling fan in the living room so that we don't have to unscrew a light bulb to have the room dim for TV and movies. He hung a handleless rake in the kitchen (we saw this someplace recently) to hang our keys and such things from (like our headband flashlights). He fed the cows. He was out in what will in time be our front 'yard' using the sawzal (sp?) to cut some mesquite when I found him. Kinda grungy, but I hugged him anyway. He had done more, but those are the things I was thrilled with. Then he needed a break before getting cleaned up for the Valentine dinner at church that evening.

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