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Monday, February 9, 2009


Consider our fine servant, Buck. As you will note, he is our host horse. When folks come see us, Buck sees them arrive and sizes them up, because he knows they are more than likely going to end up on his back.

We acquired Buck rather oddly. The LORD wanted us to "rescue" him, sort of. He wasn't starving or being overworked, but he was being bullied by other horses in a horse-trader's yard. Buck is totally non-combative. He is the humblest horse I've ever known. He is put-upon by just about everybody. He takes it in stride. He tries to get out of their way and take what they will from him: coat, space, grain, hay...he lets them have it all.

He also allows anybody to ride him, even two at a time. He does sometimes inquire about those that have unorthodox methods of mounting, reining or who are weighing in heavier than the norm.

He has become the horse we use to take photos of folks. He is now an experienced photo shoot model.

Because of his name, some people are a little leery about getting on him, but Kevin tells everybody that Buck is actually Buck-less.

Lessons to be learned from Ol' Buck?

1. Treat every creature like a buddy, even
if they reject you.

2.Even if you are having a bad hair day, look like you like being windblown and carefree.

3. Consider what you wear in public; folks WILL notice.

4. Posture impresses.

5. Stance can convey attitude.

6. Reins won't be needed if you cooperate. Ditto a bit.

7. Stand up for your buddies, even if they don't always treat you right.

Happy tails!

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