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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our July 09

Well, I almost didn't get a post
up for July '09!! I have several VERY good

First of all, the last weekend in
June, we went on a trail-ride with folks from church. The pics are of Johnnie riding Grace and Rely (not at the same time). When I was saddling Rely, he stepped on my foot. He wasn't
willing to get off it before he'd broken my baby toe! I did get on and ride with them even though my foot was protesting. I was able to watch Grace being ridden for two hours; she certainly showed that Johnnie's training was effective!

Since then (over a month ago) I haven't been able to get my foot into any of my shoes. I've been wearing some crocs Mom left behind. They are large enough that they don't put any pressure on my toe. I don't feel very nimble in them, though.

That's excuse number 1. Not that good.
Excuse number two. Amy came to see us so we could take some Texas pictures of her (to celebrate her graduation and upcoming nuptials). The pictures came out great! See more on our website: in the Weddings and Aspects thereof gallery. Look under Barefoot Bride. Look also in the On Site Shoots gallery.

That's a better excuse? Yes?
Well, here's the best one yet. That same week, Kevin started having pain in his midsection, on the right side, under his ribs. He said it was about the size of an egg. Very specific spot. Burning pain. At first it was just after meals (about two hours after). It would build to quite intense by bedtime. In the morning when he woke up, it was gone. But, toward the end of the week it was more constant. By the end of the weekend; it was unbearable. We went to the ER. It was (any guesses?) his gallbladder. He had it removed. It was dead on arrival. It was decaying inside him. There was mention of gangrene on the pathology report! So, he spent four days in the hospital. Then another 9 days at home recovering. Meanwhile (since he was told not to lift more than 5 pounds), someone had to do all the chores.

Two weeks of lugging hay to the cows made me desperate for some round bales (we'd been trying to find some for a month). FINALLY (five days after delivery was to happen) we got some very nice round bales. That means that I only have to carry the hay 20 feet or so to the cows (instead of almost 1/4 mile!)

The last excuse is the best of all. My brother's family were in a head-on collision on their way home from church the Sunday after Kevin came home from the hospital. They were all injured. The guys (my brother and his sons) had broken bones (thigh, tibia and toes). My sister-in-law was the most critical. She was Starflighted. She had emergency surgery immediately on arrival at Brack. A partial list of her injuries: collapsed lung, broken ribs, punctured bowel, ruptured spleen, hematoma on chest, fractured clavical and two fractured disks on her neck. She was in ICU for a couple of days, then in step-down and then in a regular recovery room for a few more. All of them are home now, but for a while there was a lot of blood relatives and church family traveling to and from Brack.

So there's a little summary of our month. Illustrations tell the story even better.

Although the month felt fullblown with crises, the TRUTH is that THE LORD spaced them out just right! We did/DO see His Handiwork; His Provision; His Protection; His Mercies; His Goodness! ALLELUJAH!

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  1. wow! on so many levels... wow! God is good, and those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!