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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grace Appraised

When a friend of ours, who likes to work with problem horses, asked to "play a bit" with Grace (our three year old filly), we were more than willing to let him take her! He's had her almost three months. He's only had time to work with her a couple of times a week, but after some lively go-rounds, he's gotten her full cooperation. Seeing her give him his due: her attention, was terrific. We called on him Sunday after church. It was over 100 degrees. He said, come on over.

When we drove up we saw her out in the field with two older mares. He called and she came a-runnin'!

Then he caught her, tossed a big stock saddle on her (with a back cinch) and climbed right up on her. Not even in the round pen. He rode her up and down near us and there was a lot of stuff in her space which she hadn't gotten up close to before. She looked and rubber necked a little, but no shy, no spook.

There was a little footbridge over near the tool shed. Very near the tool shed. He had never shown it to her before. She balked briefly, then put a wary foot on it and within 10 seconds she was walking on it!

I said I'd like to see her trot/jog. He
took her in the roundpen for that and she went right into it without a problem. No buck, no hump in her back. She turned, stopped, backed up...I think this was maybe the sixth time he'd ridden her!

So, thanks to Johnny, we're cutting Grace some slack. If she continues to be of sound mind, she may have a future with us yet!

I love the photos of her being worked with. As good as any taken in Colorado or Nevada of ranch handling of rough stock. Johnny is the real thing!


  1. Lynn,
    Just wanted you and Daddy (Kevin) to know that I am praying that surgery and recovery go well.
    Leah Dunkin Ramirez

  2. Hi, Leah, sorry that I couldn't figure out how to reply to your comment on your blog; it's a little different layout from mine. I did this post to let you and others know how Kevin is doing. He is improving day by day. We just went to the doctor who said that he's ahead of the curve! He's also authorized to make the drive to Virginia for the wedding! We leave on Saturday.