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Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day!

So much of the country is experiencing blizzard snows. All we received is about 1 inch of snow, but because this is such a rare event here; we made much ado about it!

Other creatures were leaving traces they'd been out in it.

Both of our cats ventured out and found it not unpleasant.

Grace (who is five this March) had never seen this before!
And of course, neither had Fuddrucker.

Mount Manure looked lovely with a snow blanket.Our fields were white.
Our cows were glad to see us.

None of our pipes broke, but we're going to have a BIG water bill!

Your turn honey.

Canine snow angels.

The road was slick, but we did not have to drive on it!
Footprints in the snow are gone quickly; but this photo proves we were there!

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  1. Wow! Lynn, these are beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them. I am sad cause I think my Z1 Minolta is quiting on me :( It took such good pictures I hope I can get it to last awhile longer. What camera do you suggestion I look for?