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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring is fading fast

Sometimes I really don't want to start a new post because I want to keep the current post on top. Sort of like arranging the order of photos on the website. But, I'll go ahead with this but just make sure to check out the post before this one if you haven't.

This post is just to show some recent doings at the ranch. Spring is fading and summer is just this week starting to manifest itself. Shadow is about to "blow coat" (shed). Thought I'd take her pic before she's scroungey looking. Ellie has been enjoying her grooming sessions (she's been shedding, too). Buck has gotten to go across the road to graze three times now at sunset for photoshoots. Clancy came along to get some petting. The guys got in a little porch time. Hub has been shredding the field and had to sharpen the blades on the shredder. The primroses by the outdoor shower got mowed, but the picture preserves them! The foals are in a neighbor's field (not ours).

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