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Monday, December 14, 2009

Shooting for the card

Sunny standing in for Kevin.
Ellie looks depressed.
I'm glad we attempted this because I now know to charge more for pictures of multiple animals (especially from different species). We had already decided, because of the mud and the mist and the dreariness, to only use two of our four horses and the dogs for this "shoot". We chose Ellie and Buck because they make nice autumn subjects. These shots are the outtakes from our '09 card shoot. Our new neighbor, who is also into photography, took these for us. I think she learned a bit about the challenge of this sort of shoot, too. The picture we ended up with is not shown in this post. We're saving it for our card and don't want anyone to see it in advance. I liked this first one, though because you can't see my double chin. Instead, we see Ellie's hairy one. But, not even one ear is up in this one.

Ah, one ear.

Except for Ellie (who looks bored), this one is kinda neat.

FOUR ears! And one dog (who looks less than thrilled). Nice of me, not so much of Kevin.
Two dogs.

Kevin liked this one because the females are on the left and the males on the right and you can't see our faces!

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