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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I rejoice to report that the LORD has sent some rain our way today (January 6th). We have been in a severe drought. You can see the state of our pasture above. The bull calf in the pic is Dillon; he's a beefmaster. The pic is from October (before the cows put on their winter togs). The other picture is from this time last year. We are praying that the LORD will continue to shower His blessings on us at this critical time. I'm grateful the temperature has risen since the rain came in; it's in the forties; and there is no wind. Our cows are quite wooly and ought to be fine. But there are many new calves in pastures we pass in our commute. They are especially on my heart when we get frigid wet weather, but Kevin assures me that they come into the world with a layer of special fat that helps them stay warm. The LORD equips them. Everyone seems to want their calves to be born in January and February so that they'll be weaned before the grass runs out and the cows will have some recovery time before they go into the winter. I don't like seeing the babies being born in our coldest season. Our calves are delayed until March or April. Some years we have grass for their moms even into December. But, not this year. We began feeding hay in September. I keep telling the cows 'this too shall pass' as they scarf their hay down. I don't actually know that they'd prefer grazing; since it is more work. This time of the year we get home after dark and they rejoice to see us coming with our headband flashlights.

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